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Living in Andorra means easy access to the beautiful mountains.

Living & Retiring in Andorra: What Is It Like?

Located on the border between Spain and France, Andorra is an independent principality situated high up in the Pyrenees mountains. Here you’ll find breathtaking mountain views, tax-free shopping, high standards of living, and lots of recreational activities to keep you busy. Because of its size, Andorra is considered a micronation that ranks as the 6th…

where to find property for sale in andorra

Where to Find Property for Sale in Andorra

Andorra is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the Pyrenees mountains — something that many residents and expats look forward to especially when purchasing property here. Unlike other tax havens, Andorra offers both affordable and luxury homes to suit every need. Properties start for as low as €55,000 for studio flats and…