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Company Formation in Andorra

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Andorra offers an appealing jurisdiction for incorporating a company. You would start by choosing the type of company you wish to form:

  • S.L. Societat Limitada, the equivalent of a Limited Liability company. This requires having €3,000 of capital at the time of registration.
  • S.L.U., Societat Limiada Unipersonal, means there is only a single shareholder. This also requires having a capital of €3,000 at the time of formation.
  • S.A., Societat Anonima, is an ownership structure for larger operations and with many shareholders. €60,000 is required to set this S.A. up.
  • Other: Societat Colectiva or Sole Partnerships are also options you can choose from.

Main benefits:

  • Registration of your Company in Andorra will cost more or less €1,800. This means doing all the paperwork yourself and will include notary fees and name-registration fees.
  • Some consultants will charge for their services if you wish for them to set up the company for you.These full-service options can cost anything between 5 and 25 grand.
  • There are 4 main steps to set up your company in Andorra: Registering the Company Name, Applying for Andorran Company Incorporation, Having a Notary then Register your Company, and finally Completing your Government Registration.
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