Andorra Healthcare System

Andorra’s healthcare system is one of the major contributors to the principality’s high standard of living. It is known that Andorra is home to some of most technologically advanced hospital facilities in the whole of Europe.

The healthcare system in Andorra is often compared to France’s with public health linked to a generous social security system which can sometimes cover up to 100% of medical expenses.

Despite its small size Andorra boasts a healthcare system comparable to most major developed countries. Let’s not forget either that Andorran has one of the highest life expectancies, coming 8th in the world’s ranking.

Main benefits:

  • Those responsible of the Andorran health sector comprise: the CASS (the Social Security Office), the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the SAAS (the National Health Service), and the General Council.
  • Andorra has over 50 pharmacies.
  • Andorra has a private geriatric centre with 50+ beds (the Centre Geriatric Sant Vicenc d’Enclar).
  • State-owned hospitals have 200 beds.
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