importing cars to andorra

Car import and registration of cars in Andorra

Here are the steps you will need to follow to import a vehicle as a new resident in Andorra. Your vehicle will need to comply with the Euro 5 Standard in order to import your car to Andorra.

A list of official documents with be required and you will need to pay import duty and taxes. You will need to declare the procedure to the Government of Andorra, complete various other administrative formalities (declaring importing the car with the French and Andorran custom authorities), completing the file for the license plate change, validate the ITV technical inspection, apply for the yellow car, take out an insurance policy).

The Certificate of Conformity, COC, is also a standard document that you will be required to present.

Main benefits:

  • You can import your vehicle into Andorra during your expatriation.
  • Importing cars is very common.
  • You just need to follow the rules above mentioned.
  • The Euro 5 Rule or Standard is the one that now prevails.
  • You can ask your car dealer for the official written document.
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