andorra residency categories

There are 4 types of Residency in Andorra

Passive or Active separated into 4 main Residency Categories.

Here is a summary of the different requirements and rules of the 4 different types of Residency permitted in Andorra.


Each of the different types of residency have their own nature, depending on which category of residency would best suit the requirements of the client.

The rules of the actual amount of time you are required to stay in Andorra vary from category to category, but range from 90 days for some passive residents, to 183 for others, and up to 330 for other categories which are more restrictive in their manner.

The applicant must also meet certain requirements referring to investments, income, health insurance, and other security aspects before they will be granted Residency in the Principality.

The access to applicants is limited, and there are restrictions on minimum annual income and criminal checks must be completed before the applicant is granted residency, however, Andorra is Europe’s safest Country, and with it’s low tax regime, excellent education system and some of the best health care on the continent, while this sounds Utopian, relocating to Andorra is a dream that is not available to just anybody.

2 main types into 4 main categories

  1. Traditional Passive Residency
  2. Active / Passive international Business Category
  3. Residency via Excellence in Sports, Science or Arts
  4. Active Residency by Company formation or Professional Liberal

Minimum Number of Days spent in Andorra